web designAbout CantileverWEB

CantileverWEB is a full service web design company.  We have expanded our services over the past 8 years to include website design, website maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), and educational services.  Our specialization is in creating custom WordPress websites.

In 2008 CantileverWEB began as Cantilever Concepts, LLP.  It has since evolved from graphic design services to a comprehensive website design company.  We have learned that creating, promoting, and maintaining a web presence is a crucial aspect of every small business.  We love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Whether you’d like to hire us to develop your website or wish to consult and train with us to learn how to better maintain your existing web presence, we’re happy to help.

When used properly, your website can be an invaluable tool.  Tracking customer trends, interests, traffic sources, and other information will help you refine the marketing of your business.  It will help you become more profitable and provide better overall service to your customers.  While maintaining a large website can be a full time job, we can help you create a plan that is manageable and beneficial to you.